listen radio FM wherever
welcome to FM Radio RDS. Take your earphones, your Firefox OS device and listen FM stations
Radio FM 2.0

Try the new experience of listen radio FM by your Firefox OS smartphone. It will become in a must-have app for you

RDS Simulation on you hand

Travel listening FM radio station, regardless the frequency in each moment. When it has better* broadcast depending your geoposition, the app will change automaticatly

Scan and add your nearest broadcasts

You could improve the app's functionality adding radio FM stations and broadcasts from your geoposition


Profile menu

The user could manage his personal info, favourited stations, added broadcasts and stations, add new comment and review nearest ones.

Rate broadcast you are listening

Depending the position, the broadcast will has different tuning. You could add a new puntuation for broadcast signal, to add those point to the system. Those rates will improve the system results

RDS (not automatic)

It's possible has more than one broadcast for a station. You could play each item from the list, changing the frequency that is playing

Future: Advertisments

The app will introduce some advertisements to keep the project

Mapa de emisoras almacenadas

Pincha en alguna posición del mapa, para saber cuantas emisiones hay en registradas en el sistema en esa geoposición.

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